Annex 8 - Performance Standards and Type Approval

The following Guidelines relate to equipment covered by Regulations 19 and 20. IMO Performance Standards for each item of equipment covered by Regulations 19 and 20 must be complied with where specified. The IMO Standards form an integral part of the legislation.

On all ships, each item of equipment must be type approved by the Administration.

Equipment installed on or after 1 July 2002

Every item of equipment installed on ships on or after 1 July 2002 must be type approved and meet the IMO Performance Standards. This applies as follows:

1.) All equipment installed on new ships, and
The following equipment on existing ships:

2.) GNSS receivers (Reg.19, para. 2.1.6) - to be fitted not later than first survey after 1 July 2002

3.) AIS (Reg. 19, para. 2.4). - phase in timetable between 1 July 2002 and 1 July 2008

4.) VDR and S-VDR (Reg.20) - phase in timetable for all new ships and existing passenger ships. S-VDR-s for existing ships

Existing ships

Regulation 19, para. 1.2 allows existing ships (constructed before 1 July 2002) to continue to comply with the requirements of Regulations 11, 12 and 20 of SOLAS V/74 unless they comply fully with the new Regulation 19. The exceptions to this are GNSS receiver, AIS and VDR / S-VDR equipment.

Existing equipment

In some cases where Performance Standards have been revised, existing equipment may be allowed to comply with the older standard. The cut-off dates are given in the table.

Voyage data recorders

Voyage data recorder systems and equipment installed on UK vessels prior to adoption of the performance standards shall be capable of recording bridge audio, post display radar, date and time, ship's position and heading. The recorded data to be suitably protected to maximise the probability of survival and recovery of the final recorded data after any incident.

New Standards

Some recently adopted Performance standards are only valid for equipment fitted after a given date. The relevant date is given in the table. In such cases equipment fitted before that date must be type approved by the Administration.

Replacement or addition of equipment

When an item of equipment on an existing ship is added or replaced, it must meet the Performance Standards as far as is reasonable and practicable.

Equipment installed prior to the adoption of performance standards

The MCA can exempt equipment, except for ECDIS, installed prior to the date of the adoption of the Performance Standard from full compliance with the standard. The relevant dates for each item of equipment are annexed.

ECDIS, if it is to meet the chart carriage requirements, must comply with the IMO Standards in effect on the date of installation or, if installed before 1 January 1999, the Standards adopted on 23 November 1995. (See table)

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