Annex 22 - Passenger Ship - Operational Limitations

1.) SOLAS V, regulation 30 requires all SOLAS I passenger ships to carry a list of all operational limitations. These Guidance Notes explain what details are required to be entered in the document.

2.) GENERAL: Details are required of special limitations that would not normally be expected on a passenger ship. Minor details of routine limitations need not be mentioned. Where details of limitations are spelt out in other official documents it is sufficient to refer to that document for such details.

3.) EXEMPTIONS: It will be sufficient to refer to the exemptions issued. These are detailed on the official SOLAS Exemption certificates.

4.) OPERATING AREAS: Type of area and reason for the limitations should be included. e.g.

  • Radio Exclusion of Area A4;
  • Immersion Suits not required if vessels are restricted to warm climates
    (SOLAS III/32.3.2)
  • Short International Voyages – if limited to areas or routes.
  • Mandatory Surveys for Ro-Ro & HSC (EU Directive 35/99/EC)
  • Areas of operation as defined under the Stockholm agreement (See MSN 1790).

5.) WEATHER: Define any weather restrictions (if any). E.g. check Class notation is without restriction.

6.) SEA STATE: Check Class notation again. For High Speed and Dynamically Supported Craft reference should be made to the operation book.

7.) PERMISSIBLE LOADS: Usually sufficient to refer to Stability or Loading Information Booklets. If a Ro-Ro vessel cannot permit lorries on the vehicle decks, and no height restriction exists, it may be necessary to refer to the maximum loads.

8.) TRIM: Normally sufficient to refer to Stability Book.

9.) SPEED: If any.

10.) OTHER: Self-imposed limits need not normally be recorded. Include any special manning, e.g passenger number versus crew number limits which may have been agreed. If details are entered on the Safe Manning Document, simply refer to it.

For UK passenger ships the information on limitations specified above is to be entered on the MCA document (MSF 1230 / REV 0505 - Operational Limits) .
If the ship has no limitations, the document must be endorsed accordingly.
The completed document is to be appended to the Passenger Ship Safety Certificate.




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