Merchant Shipping Notices

There are three different types of Marine Shipping Notice;

Merchant Shipping Notice (MSN)

Marine Guidance Notice (MGN)

Marine Information Notice (MIN)

These Notices publicise to the shipping and fishing industries important safety, pollution prevention and other relevant information.

Merchant Shipping Notices are used to convey mandatory information that must be complied with under UK legislation. These MSNs relate to Statutory Instruments and contain the technical detail of such regulations.

Marine Guidance Notices give significant advice and guidance relating to the improvement of the safety of shipping and of life at sea, and to prevent or minimise pollution from shipping.

Marine Information Notices are intended for a more limited audience e.g. training establishments or equipment manufacturers, or contain information which will only be of use for a short period of time, such as timetables for MCA examinations. MINs are numbered in sequence and have a cancellation date (which will typically be no more than twelve months after publication).

Within each series of Marine Notices suffixes are used to indicate whether documents relate to merchant ships or fishing vessels, or to both. The suffixes following the number are:

(M) for merchant ships

(F) for fishing vessels

(M+F) for both merchant ships and fishing vessels

Merchant Shipping Notices can be downloaded from the MCA Website under "Guidance and Regulations".

An up to date list of Notices is also provided on this site.

The following Merchant Shipping Notices are relevant to SOLAS Chapter V and contain MCA Guidance to the Regulations.

The relevant Notices should be referred to in conjunction with the Regulation and Guidance Notes.
Marine Guidance Notes
MGN 23 NAVTEX Information Service
MGN 48 IMO Standard Marine Communication Phrases (SMCP)
MGN 63 Use of Electronic Aids to Navigation
MGN 128 Navigation in the Dover Strait
MGN 167 Dangers in the use of VHF in Collision avoidance
MGN 188 Fishing vessels - Wheelhouse visibility
MGN 200 Observance of Traffic Separation Schemes
MGN 202 Navigation in Fog
MGN 238 VTS and Port Information in the UK
MGN 239 VTS and Port Information - Responsibilities of UK Competent Authority, Statutory harbour Authorities and VTS Authorities
MGN 240 Assessment of the need for VTS or Port Information
MGN 261 Changes to SOLAS Chapter V
MGN 266 Guidance on the Interpretation of SOLAS V for Fishing Vessels
MGN 272 Voyage Data Recorders (VDR) - Performance Testing
MGN 277 Fatigue: Duties of owners and operators under Merchant Shipping Legislation
MGN 280 Small Vessels in Commercial Use for Sport or Pleasure, Workboats and Pilot Boats Alternative Construction Standards
MGN 285 Electronic Charts - the use of Risk Assessment when operating ECDIS in the Raster Chart Display System (RCDS) mode
MGN 287 Disposal of out of date Pyrotechnics
MGN 293 Alternative arrangements for meeting Paper Chart carriage requirements on MCA Code Vessels under 24m in length and Fishing Vessels under 24m in length.
MGN 299 Interference with Safe navigation through improper use of Mobile Phones
MGN 313 Keeping a Safe navigation Watch on Fishing Vessels
MGN 314 Wheelhouse Visibility on Fishing Vessels
MGN 315 Keeping a Safe Navigation Watch on Merchant Vessels
MGN 318 VTS Training - Training and Certification of VTS Personnel
MGN 319 Acceptance of Electronic Chart Plotting Systems for Fishing Vessels under 24m and small vessels in commercial use (Code boats) up to 24m load line length
MGN 321 AIS on Double-ended Passenger Vessels
MGN 324 Radio - Operational Guidance on the use of VHF Radio and AIS at sea
Merchant Shipping Notices
MSN 1734 Type approval of equipment
MSN 1734(am) Ditto - Amendments
MSN 1735 Type approval of equipment- nominated bodies
MSN 1735(am) Ditto - Amendments
MSN 1747 Passenger ships on domestic voyages
MSN 1756 Under 12m Fishing vessels
MSN 1756(am) Ditto - Amendments
MSN 1767 STCW Hours of work
MSN 1770 Fishing vessel Code -15m-24m
MSN 1776 Categorisation of waters
MSN 1781(am) Ditto - Amendments
MSN 1783 Carriage of SAR plans
MSN 1790 Passenger ship stability - EU Regulations
MSN 1795 AIS -Revised carriage requirements
MSN 1796 VTS - Designation of UK stations
MSN 1811 MS (Passenger Ships on Domestic Voyages) Regs. 2000
MSN 1812 Changes to SOLAS Chapter V


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