Regulation 2 - Definitions


  • Key terms used in Chapter V are defined

Regulation 2

For the purpose of this chapter:

1. "Constructed" in respect of a ship means a stage of construction where:
1.1 the keel is laid; or
1.2 construction identifiable with a specific ship begins; or
1.3 assembly of the ship has commenced comprising at least 50 tonnes or 1% of the estimated mass of all structural material whichever is less.
2. "Nautical chart" or "nautical publication" is a special-purpose map or book, or a specially compiled database from which such a map or book is derived, that is issued officially by or on the authority of a Government, authorized Hydrographic Office or other relevant government institution and is designed to meet the requirements of marine navigation.*
3. "All ships" means any ship, vessel or craft irrespective of type and purpose.
4. "Length" of a ship means its length overall.
5. "Search and rescue service". The performance of distress monitoring, communication, co-ordination and search and rescue functions, including provision of medical advice, initial medical assistance, or medical evacuation, through the use of public and private resources including co-operating aircraft, ships, vessels and other craft and installations.
6. "High Speed Craft ". Means a craft as defined in Regulation X/1.3.
7. "Mobile Offshore Drilling Unit ". Means a Mobile Offshore Drilling Unit as defined in Regulation XI-2/1.1.5
  *Refer to appropriate resolutions and recommendations of the International Hydrographic Organization concerning the authority and responsibilities of coastal States in the provision of charting in accordance with regulation 9.
MCA Guidance
1. Paragraph 1: the definition of "constructed" relates to Regulations which specify differing requirements for "existing" and "new" ships.

Paragraph 2: the new definition of charts and publications takes into account Electronic Chart Display and Information Systems (ECDIS) and any other officially approved database of nautical information.

See ANNEX 3 - Nautical Charts and Publications

3. Paragraph 3: the definition of "all ships" means that the Chapter is applicable to vessels other than merchant vessels. These include fishing vessels, hovercraft and pleasure craft. Refer also to Guidance Notes to Regulation 1 for exceptions for certain classes of vessel and to which Regulations they may apply.
4. Paragraph 4: the definition of "length" relates to Regulation 22 (Navigation Bridge Visibility).
Para.4 came into force on 1 July 2006 - [IMO Res.MSC 142(77)]

Paragraph 5: the definition of "Search and rescue service" relates to Regulation 7.(Search and Rescue Services) and Regulation 33 (Distress Situations) The definition and changes to Regulation 33 were added in 2006 with the aim of ensuring that persons rescued at sea will be provided a place of safety regardless of their nationality, status or the circumstances in which they are found.

Para.5 came into force on 1 July 2006 - [IMO Res.MSC 153(78)]

6. Refer also to Regulation 3 for exemptions to the Regulations and equivalents.


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