Regulation 17 - Electromagnetic Compatibility


  • Administrations to ensure all bridge equipment is EMC tested
  • Owners and builders to ensure equipment installed does not interfere with navigational systems
  • Owners and masters to ensure no portable equipment is used on the bridge if it causes interference
Regulation 17
1. Administrations shall ensure that all electrical and electronic equipment on the bridge or in the vicinity of the bridge, on ships constructed on or after 1 July 2002, is tested for electromagnetic compatibility taking into account the recommendations developed by the Organization.*
2. Electrical and electronic equipment shall be so installed that electromagnetic interference does not affect the proper function of navigational systems and equipment.
3. Portable electrical and electronic equipment shall not be operated on the bridge if it may affect the proper function of navigational systems and equipment.

*Refer to the General requirements for Electromagnetic Compatibility for all Electrical and Electronic Ship's Equipment adopted by the Organization by resolution A.813(19).

MCA Guidance
1. Regulation 17 primarily addresses equipment manufacturers and those responsible for bridge equipment installation and layout. Masters of all ships should note the requirements of 17.3 relating to portable equipment.
2. The Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) requirements for marine equipment are laid down in the Merchant Shipping (Marine Equipment) Regulations 1999 no.1957 and the Electromagnetic Compatibility Regulations 1992 no. 2372 which implement respectively the Marine Equipment Directive and the Electromagnetic Compatibility Directive.
3. For Electromagnetic Compatibility standards refer to IEC 60945
4. Masters must ensure that no portable electrical or electronic equipment that might cause interference is used on or near the bridge. This includes not only ship's equipment but also personal items such as portable radios, hi-fi equipment and lap top computers. Masters should note that failure to comply with this Regulation constitutes an offence. Non-transmitting equipment displaying the European "CE" mark will probably not cause interference.
5. Mobile phones, while not likely to cause electromagnetic interference, prove to be an increasing distraction to safe navigation. Masters are requested to ensure that the MCA guidance on the use of mobile phones on ships' bridges contained in MGN (M&F) 299 - Interference with Safe Navigation through inappropriate use of Mobile Phones is complied with.


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