Regulation 30 - Operational Limitations


  • All SOLAS I passenger ships to carry an approved document listing all operational limitations on the vessel.
  • The document to include explanations of the reasons for the limitations.
Regulation 30
1. This regulation applies to all passenger ships to which chapter I applies.
2. A list of all limitations on the operation of a passenger ship, including exemptions from any of these regulations, restrictions in operating areas, weather restrictions, sea state restrictions, restrictions in permissible loads, trim, speed and any other limitations, whether imposed by the Administration or established during the design or the building stages, shall be compiled before the passenger ship is put in service. The list, together with any necessary explanations, shall be documented in a form acceptable to the Administration, which shall be kept on board readily available to the master. The list shall be kept updated. If the language used is not English or French, the list shall be provided in one of the two languages.
MCA Guidance
1. Reg. 30 applies to all passenger ships engaged on international voyages ("SOLAS I passenger ships").
2. All UK-registered SOLAS I passenger ships are required to carry a document listing the Operational Limitations which is to be appended to the Passenger Ship Safety certificate. The document shall include details of any exemptions from the requirements of SOLAS V, operating restrictions (speed, weather, sea state or geographical areas), restrictions on loading or stability conditions and any other operational limitations imposed during the ship's construction or by the MCA. If the ship has no operational limitations the document needs to be endorsed accordingly.

Guidance notes on the completion of the Operational Limitations document are contained in Annex 23.



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